What kind of office furniture will rust? How to deal with this phenomenon?

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-01
Office furniture appear rusty situation is very common. Office furniture custom except the plastic furniture or log furniture without application of metal products, but any other piece of office furniture products are more or less by metal products. Thus, even if the metal from the surface of the furniture can't see, but in fact its internal structure of how many there will be metal. Some people think this kind of furniture application stainless steel or plated metal, not easy to rust, but according to the custom office furniture expert researchers think, even the so-called metal materials, applications will be rusty after a long time. After all the objects are the application deadline. Such as leather bed, such as a metal surface can't see, but in fact, the internal structure of the skeleton some is yellow, metal or wood, but as this will there be any hardware. Hugely popular on the market at present stage high praise of board type furniture, as the place is hardware, so if the company to make a good rust prevention maintenance work, otherwise will affect the office furniture, could the or is affect the elegant appearance and application effect of furniture. How to avoid rusting office furniture? One: on time in the office furniture metal products wipe anti-rust oil, it can prevent the metal oxidation by air, and to increase its life. 2: to minimize the office furniture in the cold region, more can not use wet cloth clean plating process furniture or metal parts, it is best not to wet plating parts, metal or plating process layer and metal manufacturing fall off the rust of aging. Three: furniture should timely rusted electroplating process in addition to rust, but don't use sand paper or sand paper burnish. Small pieces can be plated into the holding of a full oil covered 10 to 12 hours or so, large pieces of plating can use pure cotton oil wipe wipe corroded place, wait for a while after back rub can rust proofing.
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