What kind of office furniture belongs to a class of more environmentally friendly

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-01
The current environmental protection is a developing trend, more and more people to the idea of environmental protection becomes more and more strong, in the same office furniture of environmental protection is the modern office furniture sales in the market is relatively a logo to the fire, and most have identified class are wooden or paint furniture, but this type of office furniture or because material, craft that make these reason, can say no which is one hundred percent environmental protection office furniture products, even choose E1. What kind of office furniture belongs to a class of more environmentally friendly? A: glass office furniture office furniture of glass using the key is some glass coffee table, but this kind of insulating material stays is without question, although with shortcomings in the safety factor and reliability, but used in individual company office or all normal, they are to choose the style of the glass and metal component fusion. 2: pure metal office furniture not environmental protection is actually with the pests such as formaldehyde, benzene, pure metal materials of cold rolling aluminum profile and the office table, made of metal filing cabinets on the environmental protection without insulating promotion planning would understand their stays. Now choose composite integration of office furniture in avoiding paint, glue under the condition of relativity is more environmentally friendly. Three: solid board ious in the office furniture office furniture is made of solid wood production, but the surface paint not alias white board, interface way if it weren't for steel nail if it weren't for mortise and tenon joint structure. In other words, the material of office furniture like solid board production and processing forming, immediately relativity is environmental protection. Contemporary also can have certain application of water-based paint in order to develop the beauty is generous and maintain, no formaldehyde, but not ensure that one hundred percent of the air has no harm to this argument is not sure.
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