What kind of material of sofa is the best

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-09-01

the sitting room is an important part in the life that occupy the home, can sit can lie in the sofa become the protagonist of the sitting room, a set of accord with the sofa of lifestyle and the atmosphere that occupy the home, your family life more comfortable, what kind of material, the sofa of form is the best? How to play the household style changed sofa.

cloth art sofa feels more comfortable

cloth art sofa with good air permeability, when in contact with the skin dry and comfortable and was deeply loved by consumers, and according to different pattern texture, fabric and design, cloth art sofa has diversified. Cloth art sofa is suitable for use in Jane's and the modern style of home, through the cloth art materials highlight fashionable household style.

common cloth art sofa fabrics include jacquard cloth, flannelette, flat fabric and print. Jacquard cloth yarn is passing by, machine woven feel thick; According to concerning the flannelette surface, feels smooth; Ping is the biggest difference between fabric and jacquard cloth pattern is relatively small, stereo sense is not strong; Prints the group use the printing way is up, so opposite without color.

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