What kind of material of sofa?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-02

when buying sofa, the choice of material is a big problem. So, what kind of material of good sofa to buy? What kind of material can meet the requirements of all aspects of our sofa? Following a brief introduction of the sofa of different materials for everyone

1. Cloth art sofa, comfortable leisure, abound change, color is rich, price moderate, can unpick and wash. Surface of the fabric is easy to dirty, not easy to do, although can tear open come down to cleaning, but time is long easy to change color, generally washed a few times will appear after the old feeling. Also easy to produce deformation of poor quality.

2。 Cany sofa, the sofa of cany art material will be simple and elegant, modern and classical, it brings a person is not only the quality of life to enjoy, but also let a person feel a kind of simple style, rattan sofa is breathable, the four seasons all appropriate, and both soft and elastic. Weakness is not high temperature resistant, should avoid sun exposure and the hot things. At the same time also notice moistureproof, otherwise easy to bend, cracked.

3。 Paper art sofa: sofa leather art material relatively have qualitative feeling more and more rich, but the price is relatively high, but not all skin, generally only the contact area is real leather. People with softness, permeability is good, and other functions, sit up very comfortable, not easy to get dirty. Coriaceous sofa to use after a period of time, however, because of internal oil volatilization loss and harden, too wet or dry will accelerate the ageing of leather, so the leather sofa need maintenance care.

4。 Wooden sofa: are American, modern, European style, Chinese style style, etc. A style of each model are quite different. Give a person feel the classical and grade. Usually if the formaldehyde in the wood, is difficult to volatilize. So choose wooden sofa is the best choice of real wood. Other wood moisture content, if in a damp place is easy to deformation, also can't close to heating, away.

English name is called Spiers Charles Sofa Sofa, can do cortex can be cloth art, also is stylist: Spiers design, with single and three this Sofa, structure is contracted and contemporary, speer three leather Sofa ( 施皮尔沙发) Suitable for home and office use, modern Nordic combined with modern Chinese style style, comfortable seating and modern artistic beauty, the combination of modern classic.

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