What kind of material of cloth art sofa is good

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-02

flexible use of modern furniture can create all kinds of style residence, today we is typical with cloth art sofa, introduce the choice of cloth art furniture. Cloth art sofa color, texture and rich, choose room is big, feel soft, stylish, affordable, very suitable for young people's taste. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of cloth art sofa different material?

linen sofa: warm in winter and cool in summer

has very good heat conduction performance, simple sense is close and do not break gentle, soft hard moderate, not the ball, more wear-resisting, do not fade, not easy to crease, does not produce static electricity, will not moldy. In the summer, also won't because the human body sweating, resulting in signs of adhesion and warm in winter and cool in summer, give a person a kind of of primitive simplicity natural temperament.

blended sofa: approximate natural

consists of cotton and chemical fiber materials, can present the visual effect of silk, wool, linen material. Sturdy, colour and lustre is gorgeous, elastic, easy to wash wash and wear. As the difference between the rise of chemical fibre and blending fibre, blending, coupled with the more perfect of dyeing finishing technologies, blended fabric of cloth art sofa is soft feel and high simulation effect is almost real ones.

cotton sofa: comfortable environmental protection

heat resistance, alkali resistance, not easy to be damaged in the process of cleaning or washing, permeability is good, easy to wrinkle, easy dyeing, wear-resisting, price cheap, design and color is diversiform, poor flexibility. Close to the skin and natural environmental protection, is currently the most widely market share model. Sofa is used in most rural style in cotton.

flannelette sofa: soft and delicate

cost slightly more, super fine, soft, feel is smooth and elastic, dustproof, anti-fouling, but easy to static electricity. Velvet sofa material has a very big change, whether the original corduroy, and now popular faux suede, have fashionable appearance, good color rendering effect.

leather cloth combination sofa: novel stain resistant

combines the advantages of leather and cloth, than with the same sofa price is high, good cleaning, is the most popular recently to one of the most popular sofa. Now the latest leather cloth combination of sofa cloth used nano material, is easy to dirty and not easy to unpick and wash place leather, other close contact with human body and is easy unpick and wash cloth, leather cloth with the same color.

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