What kind of hotel room floor have spread method

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-08

there are many kinds of hotel room floor shop law, according to the layout decoration, room decorate a style, hotel room furniture family structure, and so on can choose different shop law, in general, including the following six kinds:

1. Inclined shop: the oblique Angle of 45 degrees shop installs the method, the overall effect is good, the shop installs effect nature is soft, is the first choice for large area even spread way. Use in the rectangular room can increase the width of the vision, make the room more began to widen the overall effect. The disadvantage is that material loss is bigger.

2。 Herringbone laid: divided into local herringbone and overall herringbone two kinds. The former shop has strong stereo feeling, the sitting room shop outfit effect well, the latter effect creative sense of the whole after outfit, is the first choice for even the shop.

3。 Irregular laid: completely out of the natural rules, more novel surfacing method, reached the highest utilization rate, reduce the loss of the floor is a large shop is good choice.

4。 Double color spread between: bright colours after outfit, texture clear, feast for the eyes, the shop is having a unique style effect. Note that some of the new method of pavement installation cost than general shop method more, such as chevron, double color spread between the cost of more expensive than ordinary shop is more than double.

5。 Fishbone splicing method: fishbone splicing refers to a shop, together, like fish bones, joining together the need to cut the floor on both sides of the 60 °, makes the raphe alignment and overall look more neat.

6。 Tian glyph spelling: like name display, will be a square with Mosaic board, finally presents the field word effect. The spelling a flower space ability to adapt is very strong, whether it is a pure and fresh and rural wind or industrial wind restoring ancient ways, the adornment result that can present different shades, satisfy the modern people's aesthetic taste. Above is about hotel furniture for you to arrange hotel room floor 6 different shop law, more information, please focus on website.

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