What kind of furniture is conform to the standard?

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-14

on the market, most of the furniture with a green flag, however, there are a lot of furniture does not really meet the environmental standards. Consumers by the fake, fake green environmental protection, fake certification make dazzling, the legitimate rights and interests is difficult to secure.

in general, the environmental protection level from low to high alignment are: MDF, particle board, big core board, plywood, laminated materials, integrated timber, solid wood.

consumers to pay more attention to natural furniture such as best buy real wood, cane, less to buy plywood, particle board furniture; Don't buy the furniture of strong pungent odor, made of man-made board furniture to see whether all did edge processing; Cloth art sofa not only depends on the fabric more see filler materials; Before buying must see quality inspection certificate. Have a professional introduction, buy furniture of environmental protection, should pay attention to see if the furniture with accredited by the national authoritative organization green product logo. If the plate furniture, also look at the cross section of furniture, very not equal to the inside surface is good, the real environmental protection plate is made by fresh wood, cut so I can see fresh white base material, particle is larger; Get the lay of the furniture manufacturers generally have a well-known brand, the strength of furniture manufacturers, the problem of pollution is less; Touch furniture sealing side is tight, the moisture content of material is too high. Because of tight sealing side will reduce the free formaldehyde airtight sex within the plate won't pollution of indoor air, and moisture content is exorbitant furniture quality problems not only can increase the formaldehyde release rate.

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