What kind of furniture is a contemporary and contracted style furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-04
Today we say of contemporary and contracted style furniture. Along with the increasingly rich material life, the production tools more dazzling today, people are increasingly advocating pure and simple. The space that occupy the home design preferences, contemporary and contracted style, choose the color on return to the basic primary colors such as black and white ash, 'minimalist', 'modern' label is hot. So, what kind of furniture is a contemporary and contracted furniture?

this is a contemporary and contracted furniture: furniture outside body design is arc more, turn right Angle processing. Slight change, or to streamline modelling, but not what detail vulture act the role ofing, often can impress a at a glance. The furniture of contemporary and contracted style is easy to identify, sofa, stool, single chair, bed, cabinet, etc all kinds of furniture has the design of contemporary and contracted style, it is not difficult to buy.

this kind of contemporary and contracted furniture in terms of color, furniture is encased in a large area of the main body, generally don't take what texture pattern, intrinsic and single visual strength, with pure element display space. Initially, black, white two color is representative of the contemporary and contracted furniture is lubricious, minimalist development up to now, the use of color also gradually extended to color of grey, beige, and various kinds of high purity.

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