What kind of furniture can not buy

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-04

there is furniture in the home, everyone also has a lot of people involved in buying furniture, if you can buy the appropriate furniture, did you know what kind of furniture can not buy, do it today and cannot buy real wood furniture is under discussion. I think they are can't buy under several conditions:

1, don't buy furniture quality have obvious problems, believe you also understand this problem, there is something wrong with the quality of low prices to use up also not trust, because there is a potential safety hazard.

2, cannot buy furniture, containing excessive formaldehyde in don't know if I have to contain excessive amounts of furniture, the most basic is to smell the smell, if the furniture of smell a strong stimulus can't buy. Like some furniture is a dual, like sofa bed, can try under the condition of two kinds of forms, to see whether there is a strong pungent odor, if don't buy.> 3, cannot buy some furniture didn't do all of the sealing side, like furniture made of man-made board, according to the requirements of the national quality of furniture, those who use man-made board furniture parts are made of should be dealt with by the strict sealing side, especially furniture USES particieboard should require all sealing side, sealing side can maximum limit emissions of harmful articles in man-made board furniture.

4, not can't buy the normal manufacturer production, a normal manufacturer with a factory inspection and quality inspection certificate, like black manufacturers and furniture inside with a lot of impurities, let furniture is very inconvenient to use, and even some black manufacturer production furniture formaldehyde, heavy metal exceeds bid.

5, cannot buy much lower than the other, a manufacturer produces a product same much lower than other manufacturers generally has two kinds of circumstances, is a producer do business at a loss, or is the use of low quality materials. The former is not willing to, unless the promotion, at a loss for a long time that producers are fool, this view point was not obviously, so the second case is the common situation for us.

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