What key procurement hotel furniture to meet?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-10-25

what key procurement hotel furniture to meet? Below detail for you

hotel furniture generally together with the indoor environment design, it is necessary to take into account directly indoor function and environmental harmony. In addition, according to the request of the star standard is different, have different style requirements. Hotel furniture generally includes hotel room furniture, living room furniture, hotel, restaurant furniture, furniture of public space, meeting room furniture. Let's look at the hotel furniture what are the key points.


fire prevention, high temperature resistant

wait a lighted cigarettes, matches to furniture surface damage, serious and even cause fire, flame retardant properties of hotel furniture cannot be ignored.



room everyday items, such as telephone, ashtrays, teacup, table lamp, flower POTS, notebook computers, suitcase, electric water heater, etc. In daily use are likely to lead to furniture surface scratch, affecting the service life of furniture of effective. Furniture plate wear resistance is one of the important factors decided furniture useful life.


environmental protection

furniture material, such as particleboard, fiberboard, glue and paint, will release harmful gases into the human body. Hotels and apartments are relatively closed, stimulate the eyes and nose gas will directly influence the occupancy of the room, furniture of environmental protection has become an important factor of modern hotel guests selected.



the style of furniture should be in harmony with the adornment style, avoid simple decoration luxury furniture collocation, or luxurious adornment collocation low-level furniture; The choice of furniture, should consider the hotel and the location of the apartment, customer base, the room price and investment restrictions, etc. Should be centered on the guest's preferences and consumption idea, design and production with reasonable furniture to make up for the inadequacy of building and decoration style, improve the level and feature of the hotel.


a one-time investment cost

in order to ensure not due to aging and damage to furniture to reduce occupancy, the choice of furniture, besides considering an investment cost, should also consider a furniture is in operation in the process of repeating the cumulative investment, should choose not to need to repeat investment can maintain good appearance quality, high cost performance products, at the same time should also consider the warranty period of furniture company.



in hotels and apartments, moisture damage often hotel room furniture. Tea, toilet and bath sauna steam humidity diffusion, bath towel, contact, seasonal climate, humidity change, etc. , can cause furniture sealing side is exposed, fall off, board face deformation expansion, and, in particular, the role of problem such as craze, mildew, so hotel furniture material to have waterproof performance.

small make up recommend here in choosing a hotel furniture, choose some big brand hotel furniture, because of big brand hotel furniture is more reliable. Hope that through small make up the above introduction, can help you to understand to the advantage of the hotel furniture, should how to purchase.

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