What is the size of Europe type sofa?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-18

us when furniture of choose and buy will attaches great importance to the living room furniture of choose and buy, is one of the sitting room is the most important furniture sofa, relatively popular in the market is the European style decoration, with small make up take a look at some related information about the Europe type sofa. Europe type sofa size general size, luxury classic sofa because of its style and the style is changeable, so it is difficult to have a standard size, only some general average size.

1, the armrest of luxury classic sofa is general tall 560 - 600mm。

2, single type: length: 800 - 950 mm, the depth: 850 - 900mm; High: 350 420mm; Back high: 700 - 900mm。

3, two-men type: length: 1260 - 1500mm; Depth: 800 900mm。

4, three type: length: 1750 - 1960毫米; Depth: 800 900mm。

5, four type: length: 2320 - 2520毫米; The depth of the 800 - 900mm。 How Europe type sofa of choose and buy

1, see material pledge, don't be blinded by the appearance of the sofa is beautiful, it may be as an angel, beautiful but fragile fragile. Behind this fragile, is a division of the stand or fall of material quality. If you want to buy solid wood sofa, be about to understand is not completely real wood, and with what kind of solid wood. This is advocate material, in addition to also look at other materials, that is the children belong to what grades of leather or cloth, shake handshandle accessories such as alloy or pure copper, these are all important. If all like sen's sofa material made of the best, that will not have to worry about, is indestructible.

2. The structure of the market to sell the luxury classic sofa is easy to bad, because of its structure is very casual, casual with a few nails and a few drops of glue on the sofa together. Can imagine, iron nail rust, and then constantly decreases, and the material of the corrosion around, then between parts become loose, a loose sofa not far from the scrap it. Ordinary glue, of course, the validity is very limited, once the glue failure, ready to throw the sofa. If your sofa material is good, also spent a lot of money, but finally because of the nails and glue make originally beautiful sofa, more let a person heartache ah, so the structure of the solid is very important. Sen's sofa structure using the market one of the few rust screws. Rust screws can be effective in the use of more than 10 years limit wood in all directions of twist, the screw connection mode for special flexible structure, can withstand a larger load, very practical.

3, see carved sofa role is an important part of hospitality, so its cultural and artistic feelings seem to be very important. Elegant sofa not only aesthetically pleasing yourself, and if get compliments from friends and family, is more a matter of pride. Sofa is beautiful not beautiful, just look at its sculpture. First look at what it carved design elements, such as roses, shells and Gen trumpet creeper, etc; Carving the way and look at it, is a relief, valuable. such handiwork or flat carving, carving in different ways depending on the feeling is different; Finally it is carved by hand or machine carving, carved by hand is more exquisite, vivid, with vitality.

4, see process technology on the sofa is very important, put hands up and touch you know how the smoothness of wood; Hand pressure a know how soft package of firmness, how ability to rebound. Skin (especially those of ammonites Ammonites cloth) Decoration, you can use the hand pressure a try handle, and then take a closer look at whether evenly. Of course, the most should not be ignored is the surface treatment of wood sofa, see what it is using paint. Above is the size of the small make up to bring us the Europe type sofa, we in the choose and buy of sofa, if you don't know what kind of match sofa of choose and buy our new home, you can try to use a joker style of Europe type sofa, hope small make up to summarize these will bring for you help.
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