What is the price of real wood of Europe type sofa?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-18

Europe type sofa price

1, the price of luxury classic sofa is different, the price is influenced by many factors, such as brand, material, size, style, etc. The price of Europe type sofa in several thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, the sofa of brand price is in 5000 yuan of above.

2, see material pledge, Europe type furniture on the material consists of solid wood, leather combined with such as art, cloth art, plate wood, solid wood furniture in general is more environmental protection, also more costly, but real wood furniture is relatively more expensive; Paper art of Europe type furniture on the modelling is contracted, each have each charm, each have each characteristic.

3, craftwork, do manual work is mainly divided into manual and mechanical, carved by hand then of course than mechanical engraving pattern more vivid, more reiki, of course, the value of it is also higher. Manual techniques are filleting, is after a generation after generation to come down, so, not only high value, its cultural appeal is more powerful.

4, see style, European style furniture from style mainly divided into European rural furniture, European classic furniture, European style garden furniture pursuit of return to nature, color is given priority to with white, complementary with pattern or the ornament of provisions, the local qi portrayed incisively and vividly. The European classical furniture is more a continuation of the European court of aristocratic breath, colour is strong, high-grade modelling style, noble and elegant.

these small common sense about luxury classic sofa is introduced, these are the annatto furniture of famous brand, we can get to know more contrast, finally choosing good furniture brand. Real wood price of Europe type sofa is related to many factors, such as depends on the style of furniture and the manufacture craft and so on, and price has some concern, we can know more about it.

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