What is the material of leather furniture?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-19

daily life often hear people say to the dermis, exactly what kind of leather? Leather furniture manufacturer to tell people, in fact leather specifically to leather, and it is cow leather, cowhide water cannot be called leather, because cow leather is really durable natural fabrics, inline it in five categories:

full-thickness skin: refers to the whole piece of leather for the head of the second floor, no differentiation with natural grain leather surface ( Has not been grinding or polishing process) 。 Because of natural fiber, leather in the process of long-term use, can output layer translucent natural patina, make the skin air permeability is strong, durable, durable, like vintage wines, s is increasingly release infinite charm. Usually this kind of skin there are two kinds of surface treatment: aniline and semi aniline.

the first layer of leather: is the quality of the second grade, and second, compared to the full thickness skin thin flexible. Add after its surface has been polished finish, build a plastic & throughout; Feeling. Usually the skin meet standards, not the natural aniline was printed on a layer of artificial grain to hide the skin defects. With poor permeability, and at the same time also won't form a natural patina. Price is cheaper, but because of the surface treatment is easier to do so, stain resistance.

2 skin: part from fibers spun off. Like a thick skin, can be divided into the middle for multi-layer leather. As the first layer of skin, skin on the second floor also by grinding, adding paint, printed on artificial lines. Skin surface treatment on the second floor more heavier, visual and touch the top layer of skin is have differences, more plastic is not natural, more hard not supple. The price is the cheapest.

leather: refers to the additional layer or multilayer skin surface layer of polyurethane and embossing grain. Was originally used in the footwear industry, but recently adopted by the furniture industry. The leather is very sturdy, colorful light, cleaning maintenance more easily. The price must according to the precision of surface treatment is sometimes more expensive than 2 more.

composite leather: is from 90% to 100% of leather fiber ( Usually waste from leather leather or leather workshop) And the leather series of emulsion agent together, also known as environmental protection of leather. The environmental protection of leather has high durability not other leather, but still durable, its manufacturing process more environmental protection. The price is the most advantageous prices of leather and leather.

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