What is the maintenance measures to the principle of leather sofa?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-24
Coriaceous sofa after purchase, the first thing to do is soft cloth to clean the surface, rather than choose to use a damp cloth to clean the surface. This approach makes the water seep in, let sofa is easy craze, reduce the lifespan. Coriaceous sofa also needs to be done surface protective care, late once encounter stains, then can easily remove, is very convenient, and effectively avoid moldy. A: time regularly to maintain leather sofa, in general, it is best to every one to six months of nursing, found that wrinkles direct care, practice is a little special nursing liquid soft dry cloth, wipe gently, one to two times, pay attention to is the part edges and cracks. 2: environment to ensure that the ventilation of the city's situation, if it is in a dry and humid environment is will accelerate aging cortex. So put to avoid direct sunlight, nor straight blow air conditioning leather sofa. Whether the surface of the sofa will be faded. Three: prevent scratches and stains sofa furniture itself is a rest, will often have a small edge tool surface scratch sofa, in this way can we keep the cortical surface is smooth. So to avoid sharp cut leather is very important. Because otherwise there will be a crack and wear away, can use egg juice daub, surface coated with vaseline when dry. With relative tone color leather to use watercolor paint. If the crack is very big, must wipe with black rubber adhesives high-quality symmetry on fracture, 8 - Tighten breach parts after 12 minutes, the sticking to it. Apart from scratch, dirt are inevitable, on the sofa eating sugar tea, debris, oil stains, coffee stains, etc are very easy to get dirty cloth art sofa, if not be careful to make dirty, must immediately with a clean soft towel to clear, some pen marks or dirt mark, can wipe gently with the eraser tool, then use the leather cleaner clean surface, finally coated with protective agent.
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