What is the environmental protection standard of office furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-03

the domestic well-known office furniture manufacturers sent office furniture stylist tells us that at present, China's manufacturing office furniture export is facing more and more strict technical barriers, including product environmental compliance will be a development trend, and many have considerable scale office furniture enterprises in China, and seldom consciously strictly self on the green environmental protection requirements. What are in the process of office furniture of choose and buy must pay attention to the environmental problem?

office furniture must strictly carry out four containing provisions mandatory national standards to buy. China's wooden furniture and auxiliary material harmful material set limit to, respectively, perform the following four containing provisions mandatory national standards: the GB18580 - 2001 'interior decoration decorates material of man-made board and its products formaldehyde release a quantity to limited', the GB18581 - 2001 'interior decoration decorates material harmful substances in the combined type wood coatings limited', GB18583 - 2001 'interior decoration decorates material adhesives harmful material set limit to', GB18584 - 2001 'interior decoration decorates material harmful substances in the wooden furniture limited'. Only strictly implement four containing provisions mandatory national standards of office furniture, ( Have a professional qualification issued by the inspection department product testing qualified report) To ensure office furniture conforms to the provisions of the state environmental protection requirements.
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