What is the distinguishing feature of Europe type sofa?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-31

sofa also can have a variety of styles, our common popular sofa a lot, such as luxury classic sofa. What is the distinguishing feature of Europe type sofa? What characteristic attracts you the most? Europe type sofa is in use process need to pay attention to maintenance, Europe type sofa maintain means what? Today we talk about luxury classic sofa characteristics and maintenance problems.

a, what is the distinguishing feature of Europe type sofa

1, manual

Europe type furniture is one of the important elements of European classical style decoration, furniture in the style of Italy, France and Spain as the main representative. The continuation of the 17th century to the 19th century the characteristics of the royal family furniture, exquisite handmade fine cutting, carving contour and turning part is composed of symmetrical and rich rhythm curve or surface, and decorative plating copper, simple structure, smooth lines, colors, strong sense of art, give a person's overall feeling is showily elegance, is very solemn.

2, drama

in terms of creating atmosphere, european-style furniture or the pursuit of solemn grand, emphasize rational harmony halcyon, or the pursuit of romantic adornment sex, the pursuit of irrational infinite fantasy, drama and passion. luxury classic sofa is the granddaddy of sofa, is from the 17th century French. Due to the salon salon (at that time In French general meaning for the large living room, and especially in high-class residential luxury saloon and gradually after referring to a appreciate art crystallization at the same time, to talk about art, play CARDS and chat) The emergence of a chair, called and is the precursor of the modern sofa also appeared.

3, of primitive simplicity and elegant

the sofa of of primitive simplicity and elegant, not only are you tired after a nap, dreaming of leisure good place, can skillfully use it to decorate your bedroom, bring your warm harbor of primitive simplicity simple and noble and romantic amorous feelings. Classic Europe type sofa, sunshine scattered on the floor, and every detail of the fusion gives a person the feeling of a kind of quality, although feel thick, but was not a bit depressed, as if a group of lithe and graceful the LeDian like bells, ringing in the ears, and as if the west's famous 'green sleeves', woodwind duos echoed on the beam for a long time refused to disperse.

2, Europe type sofa is how to maintain

1, avoid beating in its surface, so easy to make local taxes after the phenomenon of deformation, and also can't let some tools to touch the surface, to prevent scratch fabrics.

2, avoid sun exposure for a long time, this can lead to product deformation and loss of elasticity, if often meet light point-blank, should lie between period of time will swap positions sofa, this can effectively prevent color difference is too obvious.

3, surface, wipe with a clean soft cloth sofa leather fabrics available leather cleaner or polish brush surface evenly, later again with a clean soft cloth to wipe clean. Or neutral detergent diluted with warm water ( 1% - 3%) Leading to wipe, wipe the water again to twist dry cleaning fluid, with dry cloth to polish again, after being completely dry to use the right amount of leather maintains agent can wipe evenly. Textile fabrics such as cotton, hemp, synthetic fibers, such as for sensitive to acid, should remove the dry cleaning, not washed, bleaching. If found loose thread, do not break with the hand, used scissors cuts in order to smooth.

4, should avoid oily be soiled, flyblown sofa ball-point pen, ink, etc. If gets dirty, should immediately with leather cleaner to clean the sofa, if not leather cleaner, can wipe gently with a clean white towel touchs a few alcohol stains, then use dry wet towel to wipe dry, nursing with protective agent. Sanded leather sofa can't use more clean way ( In addition to the leather with oily be soiled) , usable fine copper brush brush wipe gently, restore its beautiful.

visible, Europe type sofa is important elements of the European classical style decoration, exquisite handmade fine cutting, carving a more classical. Europe type sofa daily maintenance work can be appropriately, avoid deformation and local taxes, avoid prolonged exposure leads to poor elasticity variable.

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