What is the advantages and disadvantages of high-end hotel furniture wood of cherry wood?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-10-24

what is the advantages and disadvantages of high-end hotel furniture wood of cherry wood? The following hotel furniture manufacturer to explain for you.

there are plenty of wood species, wood for making furniture with more advanced wood of cherry wood belongs to wood, are mainly distributed in the eastern region of the United States. We saw and heard of cherry wood furniture, basic it is made of cherry wood makes imports.

cherry born with brown spots and small gum litter tree heart, texture clear, rich texture, better polishing sex, heartwood color from red to reddish brown, make furniture color is very beautiful, feast for the eyes.

as the growth of the time, moreover cherry wood furniture color and wood grain will become deeper and more s feeling and lasting appeal, has the very high collection value.

what are the advantages and disadvantages of cherry wood furniture

the advantages of cherry wood furniture

1, cherry this itself is a transition from deep red to reddish brown, and its wood texture that's straight, but this kind of wood is not hard, for the wastage of the equipment is relatively small. In addition, cherry wood drying compared to shrink after the better. Cherry is because it has exquisite woodiness, decorous adornment effect, so it is favored by consumers.

2, cherry wood, the wood it naturally contains brown spots and small gum litter tree heart, this kind of wood it texture fine, clear, good polishing, it is very suitable for high-grade household items. Cherry wood machining performance is good, at the same time it also belongs to a kind of dry faster, dry shrinkage is bigger, but after drying or belongs to a kind of relatively stable size.

3, cherry it comes from North America, this product wood itself is a mineral with some black spots. Relative texture, a lot of beautiful texture will be nanmu cherry, so it is more suitable for American furniture and the furniture of Europe type rural style. If you want to on the texture of it really cherry this itself has some black spots, if is southwest birch, there is no.

the disadvantage of cherry wood furniture

1, first of all, it is also belong to a more precious tree species, so it's on the raw materials price is more expensive, and this is after technical processing, because of these reasons led cherry wood furniture price is high.

2, cherry and a named southwest birch still more similar kind of long, so there are some businesses also use alnoides instead of cherry wood, if the cherry wood is not very understanding person so it is easy to buy fake cherry wood furniture.

3, cherry is also relatively easy to split up, so it is also a size should not be used for the big occasion, used to make furniture, toys, etc.

small make up through the above introduction, believe everybody to cherry wood furniture already have a certain understanding and mastery of the relevant knowledge of the

small make up recommend here in choosing a hotel furniture, choose some big brand hotel furniture brand, because of big brand hotel furniture is more reliable. Hope that through small make up the above introduction, can help you to understand the advantages and disadvantages to high-end hotel furniture of wood of cherry wood

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