What is the advantage of custom furniture club villa? Custom furniture industry development!

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-13

'custom' implements a brand new way of shopping experience. More and more consumer demand for personalized significantly increased, so now, custom industry is very active. According to the survey data show that the current more than 80% of consumers said that domestic outfit will choose customize household, in order to satisfy the demands of the different and personalized.

of course, the club villa custom furniture also more popular, is becoming a new trend in the development of industry, household door model is different, also determines the size of furniture is different, if the fixed furniture can't reflect the characteristics of the family, sometimes will cause the waste of space. In addition, in the country to vigorously promote green and healthy living environment under the background of environmental protection, people begin to pay close attention to solid wood furniture, so, high-end custom furniture, villa furniture customization is the development trend of the future.

1。 Villa clubhouse solid loading of furniture is very personalized, originality:

furniture product appearance design of personalized, artistic creativity is the important measure of whether products' luxury '. Actually, design the ubiquitous in our daily life, the original design in all industry plays a very important role in innovation, of course, villa clubhouse solid furniture manufacturer of custom like this, can according to the requirements of customers or clients, fusion clients more ideas and design scheme with exclusive sense. Because most of the furniture design style to the public, and in the stores in the exhibition hall effect and the effect of the owner's home is far, very popular, is monotonous, so, now more and more young people for the use of space, colour collocation and the personalized design of furniture is particularly interested in, so the custom furniture also favored by more and more people. Unlike ordinary assembly line production, villa clubhouse furniture customization is done 'one-to-one' meet the needs of the owners.

2。 Villa clubhouse solid loading of furniture is very focus on quality of furniture:

even the same furniture appearance design, different material, can cause the price is not the same. Compared with solid wood furniture, plate furniture, for example, by thousands of yuan is very normal, particularly compared with some precious upscale solid wood or solid wood furniture, the difference will be bigger, because compared with plate furniture, high-grade solid wood furniture material to form the natural color, wood knot and city is very natural, fluent, beautiful texture. Villa clubhouse furniture customization, of course, annatto furniture, for one, a lot of people think annatto furniture is a kind of high-end solid wood furniture products collectively, actually otherwise, common on the market at present 5 genera and 8 class 33 'redwood tree species, there are 10 million yuan/ton to 20 million yuan/tons of hainan chrysanthemum pear, there are 4000 yuan to 6000 yuan/cubic meter of chicken wing wood, it is annatto, but on the quality difference is very big still.

3。 Custom villa clubhouse furniture functional to stronger:

such as on-site also. the chest region partition is simple, function relatively single, just to meet simple storage function. And villa clubhouse custom furniture whole wardrobe use clapboard, according to each household environment, wardrobe design also will be different, can according to individual needs to design more wardrobe internal structure. Both DIY and form a complete set of combination, or a combination of science and technology elements, fully embodies the custom wardrobe style diversification.

4。 Custom villa clubhouse solid loading of furniture craft requires more advanced:

take the scene also. the wardrobe, is a professional field measurements made of wood board assembled after chest, chest surface edge needs to be pure manual processing, the connection of the cabinet is given priority to with nails, most key of the sealing side of the cabinet processing for mechanical sealing side, more fit and higher precision than conventional manual

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