What furniture decorate effect is good

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-29

furniture is a family decorate an important link of furniture decorate quality directly affects the effect of home decoration, put the position is also to a large extent affected the beautiful degree on the vision. Then in the arrangement of furniture are there any good method?

people used to put a housing is divided into three areas: one is quiet area, far away from the window, the light is weaker, noise is small, to put a bed, chest relatively appropriate; 2 it is bright area, near the window, the light is bright, suitable for read and write, in order to put desk, shelf had better; Three is action area, for the room corridor that take the door, except for certain activities outside the territory, sofa, tables and chairs are placed in this area.

furniture places buy by the area, the room can get reasonable use, give a person with comfortable and relaxed feeling. Lofty furniture and low furniture still should match each other decorate, the assorted ark that agrees highly is rigorous and superabundant and change is insufficient, of furniture had risen and fall big, easy create messy sense, so, don't put the low furniture such as bed, sofa next to the big wardrobe, lest produce big lopsided move that falls greatly. The most good furniture as the furniture such as ark of chest of drawers, pantry, bedside, low furniture is transfer furniture, vision giving a person by low to tall progressively extend, in order to get vivid and metrical vision effect. Anyhow, of furniture decorate should size look line, conterminous, strewn at random have send. If a side furniture already little small, can miniascape of, small ornament and metope adornment will achieve balance result.

after when you adornment decorates his room, a of the consideration main problem chooses a what kind of furniture is, if the furniture model of configuration is original, colour is pleasing to the eye, with makings fastidious, the function is all ready, will surely make your bedroom the icing on the cake, otherwise, regret lifelong. Accordingly, people hopes to match a set of acceptability furniture.

on modelling, ask the main feature of every furniture and craft processing are consistent. For instance, the modelling of the crural leg of a furniture must agree, cannot have a plenty of tiger ungual leg, have a plenty of square column leg, have a plenty of circular leg, can appear otherwise very not harmonious. At the same time, the detail processing of furniture requirements are consistent, the shake handshandle that is like drawer and closet door, had better show consistent model. On the paint colour, there are usually used, water chestnut brown color and wooden instinctive quality, the qi se of a furniture must agree, the paint required colour and lustre is plump, pure and fresh and pleasing to the eye, no foam, no wrinkles.

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