What eat edge ark design form? How to eat edge ark arrangement?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-10-24
Eat edge ark design form

what are

eat edge ark design form with two monomer combination design from top to bottom, the upper structure of glass through the door, to show tableware and drinking appliance beautiful modelling, the depth is usually between 260 ~ 350 centimeters. Bottom for low ark, the top a bit deep, with 400 ~ 450 centimeters advisable. Eat cabinet height and width don't have a certain size, as long as compatible with integral space scale.

eat edge ark and partition type, in the form of low ark and condole cabinet form, etc. , these are designed according to the special needs of space division, its basic dimensions around the scale.

eat edge ark should be delicate and exquisite design, functional division is reasonable, and the glass door should be used as much as possible to 8 mm thick at the top of the glass partition, and at every door perspective and the corresponding position of the roof set condenser quartz tube light.

how to eat edge ark layout

every room decorate need to create a visual focus, right in the restaurant meal edge ark can promote the restaurant taste. Eat edge ark are commonly used to receive a restaurant supplies, also can need according to space, to separate dining room and other space.

eat edge ark according to the form can be divided into the partition type, low cabinet, etc. , restaurant eat edge ark directly determines the size of the size and form. Eat edge ark don't have a certain size, the height and width when the choose and buy, basically see the size and proportion of the whole space. Open and closed, eat edge ark, according to the space to coordinate, open cupboard can avoid dust intrusion.

in sitting room and dining-room connected space, put a meal edge ark, satisfy all closed surface should be posted. In addition the thickness of the door leaf should not be less than 20 mm. Making door leaf material appropriate USES joinery board, multilayer plywood, such as wood, should avoid to use is not easy to deformation of wood ( Such as northeast China ash) And parts ( Such as the edge of the log) 。

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