What demand to customers for hotel rooms in the hotel?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-31
Customers in the hotel there is a requirement for hotel, in the face of numerous hotels, why customers will choose this hotel. So, hotel to do well the service quality, such as master asked customers for hotel rooms in the hotel? 1, security requirements customers live in hotel rooms, hope to be able to ensure the safety of his assets and their personal safety, do not want to own money lost, stolen; Don't want to own some secret was leaked at the hotel restaurant; Don't want to fire accident, such as earthquake disaster accident. If a fire accident, wanted the waiter to take timely to ensure the safety of life effectively. Customers also want to in his own drunk, sick or risk profile, the waiter to take timely and effective to ensure their safety of life, not a risk. 2, neat requirements as a result of the hotel rooms for application of countless people, among the various human again, some customers will be suffering from infectious diseases. Customers want is daily cleaning of hotel room products, especially susceptible to diseases of products such as glass, sit implement, they all hope to be able to strict disinfection sterilization, ensure clean and tidy. 3, satisfied customers, came to an unfamiliar area, natural environment, climate and lifestyle changes to their alienation and discomfort, they all hope hotel restaurant in the hotel guest room can make them feel comfortable and carefree light touch. 4, convenient and quick asking customers stay in hotel room, after all hope that life is very convenient, hotel restaurant equipments perfect, service perfect, need to wash the clothes if you fill in the list and wash the clothes into the bag, have any questions to ask, front table just hang up. What kind of phone can be sent to the guest room. 5, valued customers hope itself is welcome in the hotel restaurant and the waiter, want to see the waiter smile of passion and hope itself is seriously, want the waiter to attach importance to their own personality, attaches great importance to the ownership of the house, attaches great importance to his vision, attach importance to their friends, customers, attaches great importance to their own customs and habits of life, beliefs, etc. 6, humanized demands for customers, in neat sanitation can largely be considering its own human to ask to optimize its viscosity. Including hotel decoration and the two aspects of the service, customers hope that the hotel can consider themselves diversified and personalized requirements, can let oneself on the human body and life full of pleasure, for the ordinary experience.
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