What circumstances need to customize the furniture?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-04

what circumstances custom furniture we need? The door of the apartment is small, want to maximize the use of indoor space, or family founder of modified and so on, then you may need to customize furniture, so, custom apartment furniture need to pay attention to what? The following look at together.

1, the contract. At present the country has not specialized laws and regulations standard about custom furniture, so once the custom furniture out of the question, the two sides argue on the basis of that is the owner and the manufacturer of the contract. So, in order to maintain their own legitimate rights and interests, ensure that they receive from the custom furniture is oneself want style and size, we customize the apartment with furniture must pay attention to the details of the contract and manufacturer.

2, size. In order to ensure the custom size apartment furniture can be perfectly fit, space owner in when signing a contract, and manufacturer in the contract agreed in detail of the size of the apartment furniture, remember that not verbally, in order to avoid the dispute no written after the basis.

3, material. Such as sofa, due to the framework and fillers are leather or cloth inside, the owner is not easy to check its quality, some manufacturers will be using inferior materials in the production of sofa instead of high quality material, found the problem and then elaborate on various grounds will shirk, so the owner to agree in the contract in advance before custom good sofa frame material and filler material, has been able to maintain their own interests after guarantee problems.

4, detail requirements. Such as many owners will now corner of cloth art sofa, the sofa has the very good adornment effect, also very practical. But pay attention to clear the direction of the corner sofa to write in the contract, to ensure that the one thousand wrong direction can be replaced.

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