What characteristics of modern Chinese style house have

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-25

from the point of the popular trend of the space that occupy the home design, pure Chinese style style is very rare now that occupy the home, some preference of Chinese style house advocate, will typically Chinese style and other household style, such as the contemporary and contracted style match each other. The following simple say, the home has what characteristics of Chinese style style.

the main characteristic is real wood furniture of Chinese style style production, have special warm feeling, common such as red sandalwood, sour branch, elm, choose mainly depends on style or appreciation value.

stool sitting room and dining room, the present Chinese style furniture is a kind of simple low-key style, because color stable, so the person gives on the vision not only relieve the feeling, also let a space more rich cultural atmosphere.

in addition, the furniture of Chinese style style is another characteristic, often used by mixing, so should especially pay attention to when choose Chinese style furniture and other furniture and overall coordination of the space, space decoration simple in principle, suitable for the use of Chinese style furniture.

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