What are the typical features of Europe type sofa is generally?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-23

many girls prefer luxury classic sofa, feel the product style has a unique aesthetic feeling, then what is characteristic of luxury classic sofa picture books? Take a look at in detail. Europe type furniture also has a lot of kinds, don't know the friend didn't pay attention to, you know Europe type furniture category? Believe that many friends have noticed or thought about, here small make up have come to make sure we have collected some materials and summarized, hoping to help. Exquisite decoration both classical and new classical furniture, and often can see all kinds of embroidery fabrics, tassels and rivet and other decorations. Intricately carved baroque furniture has complicated and exquisite carving decorative pattern; Though rococo furniture also very the attention carver, but some lines are relatively soft; And line is more lively and some of the new classic furniture, mainly applique to render texture. Prefer bright color is particularly baroque furniture colour is very strong, and golden as its primary color, multi-purpose gold plated or gold to decorate, appear glittering; Rococo furniture color is relatively soft, cream-colored, white pattern is the main color; New classic furniture colour is to warm color department, such as the original wood color, etc. European classical furniture as an important part of the European classical style household genre continues the 17th century to the 19th century the characteristics of the royal family furniture, strives for perfection, to every detail in majesty to the pursuit of elegant luxury, and integrated into the modern design methods, are closer to practical, reveal a European tradition of history and profound cultural background. European furniture style is a kind of furniture style in fashion now. The main sign is adopted a serial of Roman architecture arcade as building furniture and adornment gimmick, heavy furniture form, form is restrained, and the more the surface of the vehicle system was used to construct, some people think that this is the foundation of later Windsor chair. On the panels decorated with relief and shallow carving, subjects with geometric patterns, weave patterns, grass, the cross, Christ, and the angels and the lion. In the Europe type furniture, because the European romantic nostalgia and Roman, so Romanesque furniture occupies an important position in the Europe type furniture. Roman furniture style is derived from Roman architecture. Cabinet is an important species in when furniture, smaller, more than the top in the form of spire, multi-purpose metal or metal reinforcement, the corners have adornment effect again at the same time, this can say later furniture decoration opened up a new method, especially the gilded bronze forging and surface technology achievements. Some metal parts in the modern furniture also has the dual role of functional and decorative. European rural furniture coating process is complex, in some detail processing also is different from other furniture, the sedate, exquisite texture pattern. In the modern city, european-style garden furniture may not be representative of or rural villages in the true sense, it is more like an experience of people advocating nature, make people's body and mind to be able to stretch out. As if breathing the breath of nature. European rural rural furniture of Europe type furniture abandoned baroque and rococo style of flashy and heavy and complicated, emphasizes the culture connotation of Europe as a whole, pay attention to the line of concise, clear and elegant decoration, plus affected by the traditional arts and crafts, adopts advanced technology of the modern, European rural furniture looks more natural and graceful, the atmosphere, elegant and noble. European rural furniture to pay attention to detail, a small shake handshandle there are hundreds of model.

what Europe type furniture classification, which are the main types, such as the European classical style, european-style garden furniture, contracted Europe type furniture. Will be long-winded here, hope to be of help.

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