What are the tips for Europe type sofa setting wall decoration?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-20

after the home to the guests in the first place to go is the living room, when you sit in the living room, observing the environment if say environment of the sitting room give a person a kind of comfortable feeling will let people memorable, there are a lot of people in the sitting room decorate will choose some European, so sofa collocation also is luxury classic sofa, then Europe type sofa setting wall decoration should be how to choose!

a. Europe type sofa setting wall decoration HuaXuan what good?

1。 Decorative painting wants to be coordinated and own decorate a style, contracted with the bedroom of modern oil painting will make the room is full of vitality, optional without the casing outside the oil paintings. Ou choose realism oil painting, and classic bedroom such as portrait, landscape, etc. Good add embossment frame, looks gorgeous, elegant.

2。 On colour and indoor metope furniture furnishings have echo, do not appear isolated. If it is dark and sedate furniture styles, painting will have to choose and the coordination of of primitive simplicity and elegant paintings. If it's bright and concise furniture and decoration, good choice and lively, warm and halfback, an abstract class.

3。 Important, of course, is to choose your favorite, in contrast, everything else is secondary to bring you pleasure and mind relaxation is a dab hand decorative oil painting of a large value.

4。 Try to choose hand-painted oil paintings, simulation oil painting with printing color in the market now, after a long time oxidation discoloration. Can distinguish general from the picture of the brush: hand-painted oil painting picture AoTuGan obviously, the picture printing smooth, only local coloring in oils.

5。 Hang a picture in household adornment, water shortage of good choice of nine fish, girlfriend or painting. 6. People with low gold to choose a pair of good tip figure.

7。 The lack of wood can be at peace, in the sitting room hung bamboo forest.

8。 Can be in sitting room hung with low soil landscape painting, with landscape of vacancies on the lack of soil in life. Each painting decoration, also controls the household to feng shui, the effects of feng shui is good or bad, depending on each person's smart and use. You are members of the family's position, hang a picture of rush flourishing five lines, can wonders to help members to this, the picture is good feng shui.

2. European style living room sofa setting wall hang a picture to hang a picture skills have?

1。 Our line of sight for the first point is the preferred position, into the house adornment line of sight of the first point is the right place, so you don't feel very empty on the wall in the home, timing change hang a picture at the same time, can also continuously create a freshness to the bedroom.

2。 Home put abstract painting also will be a good choice, enhance sense of modern style home decoration abstract assembly on a simple abstract painting, can have the effect of room to improve.

3。 Adornment corner to change the line of sight direction in modern design, many designers like the adornment picture is put in the corner, such as two sitting room metope Angle of 90 degrees. Corner adornment picture is not very strict to the requirement of space, can give a person a kind of comfortable feeling. Form in both sides of the corner hang a picture on the wall, the wall L combination, this asymmetry beauty can increase the appeal of the layout, make indoor also won't have cabined feeling. Europe type sofa setting wall adornment picture on the small make up have also made some solutions, actually everybody when decorate, no matter how to put all can, as long as it is not their home feng shui make blunt.

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