What are the tie-in skill Europe type sofa cloth art?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-22

people when buying sofa would, according to the style of the sitting room to choose someone sitting room is filled with European style, so they will buy this kind of sofa, so, we are have met some problems when buying sofa, just don't know what is the collocation of Europe type sofa cloth art skills, so can't match it, in addition, also don't know what are the precautions for the use of Europe type sofa. Europe type sofa cloth art collocation skill?

a, Europe type sofa collocation skill, Europe type sofa is the pursuit of magnificent and luxurious artistic atmosphere, its characteristic is colorful, smooth line structure, clear outline, craft is exquisite, delicate, elegant and elegant romance as a whole.

2, the noble style of Europe type sofa, need to match the same home with classic lasting appeal, to promote its unique cultural connotation and historical background. Should choose a classic lasting appeal of Europe type sofa, with a comparison with history of solid wood tea table, can make the home multiplication expensive gas, shows the dimensional feeling of nostalgia and lasting appeal is dye-in-the-wood. The laid of floor of is also very important, the floor tile of stone can be selected for laid, to highlight the peace of Europe type furniture expensive gas and wind model. At the same time, should also match the carpet of a comfortable, beautiful, elegant, can choose classic Persian carpets, make home more elegant quality.

3, luxury classic sofa is costly style, can match the same with the noble and romantic breath, wrought iron chandelier crystal droplight, bring home luxuriant and beautiful visual sense. Europe type style is decorated in, little not and adornment, choose the adornment picture of primitive simplicity, atmosphere, collocation of massiness, exquisite frame and put on the wall behind the sofa, imposing manner is very immediately.

four match with domestic act the role ofing, Europe type sofa is particularly important, the choice of the furniture collocation, can foil better Europe type sofa is noble and extraordinary. If random collocation, can only be put lipstick, makes fits grade junior. Europe type sofa is used?

a, sofa placed on flat ground, at the bottom of the four best cushion cushions, moves to prevent damage to the floor. Wipe with a clean soft cloth before you use the dust and dirt on the surface of the sofa, if the cow leather, Leather) Make, must be in use with care agent to wipe gently before sofa surface one to two times ( Don't use waxy care) So in cow leather, Leather) The dirt from the surface to form a layer of protective film, make in the future is not easy to penetrate pores, easy to clean in the future.

2, should avoid to jump on the sofa table, in order to avoid local compression deformation, affect the use. Should avoid with acute Angle or tool appliance contact surface, prevent scratch fabrics. Should avoid long time sunlight caused leather sofa fabric deformation and lose elasticity, in case of very sunlight, should lie between period of time to get some sofa intermodulation position to prevent color difference obvious;

3, should avoid to rain or expansion caused by excessive damp leather surface relaxation losing elasticity or cause leather fade, color or mildew. In case of humidity is bigger, can take advantage of the weak sun at 8 PM to 10 PM, 7 days every day 1 hour, about 3 months.

4, daily maintenance: regular use clean soft cloth rub-up fabrics sink mark or stains. Back, armrest and seat aperture can use vacuum cleaner at the junction of clutter. It is prohibited to use wet cloth, hard objects or chemicals contact fabrics such as acid, alkali, lest affect the surface quality and life cycle.

5, should avoid oily be soiled, flyblown sofa ball-point pen, ink, etc. If gets dirty, should immediately with leather cleaner to clean the sofa, if not leather cleaner, can wipe gently with a clean white towel touchs a few alcohol stains, then use dry wet towel to wipe dry, nursing with protective agent finally. Sanded leather sofa can't use more clean way ( In addition to the leather with oily be soiled) , usable fine copper brush brush wipe gently, restore its beautiful.

this article will tell you the detailed about what is the collocation of Europe type sofa cloth art skills, with these skills in the above article, we can use it to match the sofa of his own house, then take out the effect is very good, and the article also mentioned what are the precautions for the use of Europe type sofa, it is important to note that when you use the various problems.

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