What are the precautions for Chinese style sofa of choose and buy

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-09-05

Chinese style furniture style has always been popular with consumers, Chinese style sofa is one of them. So what are the precautions for Chinese style sofa of choose and buy? Small make up take you to get to know.

1, the framework of sofa

the frame structure of sofa to secure, skeleton of the strong degree decides the service life of sofa and quality. Can lift one end of the sofa, about 8 cm off the ground, look at the other end is off the ground, if from the ground, skeletal structure is solid. Can both before and after the sofa or so forcibly shake repeatedly, if feel good, description framework is firm. Then see set at the end of the part, not decadent, bug eat by moth, scar, burr, etc.

2, the material of sofa

the decoration of Chinese style style environment, the main color is given priority to with scarlet, and can give a person a solemn feeling. This kind of sofa is the main material is the base of the wooden frame, then it is cloth or leather cushion. From a practical and environmental protection considerations, it is best to choose is the framework of real wood.

3, sofa comfort

sofa is sometimes chair, sometimes is a bed, so at best can sit down on the spot when buying sofa, feeling the degree of hardness and softness. Too hard sitting on the sofa can cause muscle soreness, and too soft sofa whole degrees a person be trapped inside, sit for a long time also uncomfortable. Sofa height also need to consult, general and the height of the tea table before sofa collocation.

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