What are the office furniture is not suitable for purchase? These three had better not choose

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-28
As long as is the personnel management work in the office, will come into contact with the office furniture, but few of us can know how to identify the office furniture to design the quality of the products. When buy, consumer is like led by the merchants, and for their understanding of quality office furniture development mostly by merchants to instill. What are the office furniture is not suitable for purchase? These three had better not choose. A: don't buy excitant office furniture now, although online shopping is very popular, but when people buy office furniture, most people choose go to furniture store. That is good too. When you go shopping, you can check the quality of office furniture. When you identify the office furniture, you must first noticed the smell of the furniture. If too pungent smell, don't buy, because the office furniture formaldehyde content must exceed standard, use for a long time will produce very big effect to the human body. Therefore, the smell is one of important indexes that measure the quality of office furniture is qualified or not. 2: high water content not buy office furniture moisture content influence is also an important factor index identification technology of office furniture. We generally speaking, office furniture should be controlled within 12% of water content, because more than the value, more easily warping or office furniture. Therefore, in the recognition system of office furniture, people can touch the life of office furniture or the unpainted parts. In general, these different local government should be a dry, but if you feel moist feeling, so for this kind of office furniture also can't buy, because it has a certain containing at least 50% of the water content. Another method is to sprinkle a little water in the unpainted wood. If the water immersion slow or not, the high water content. 3: don't buy office furniture price is too low, when you buy office furniture, most of the people first, pay attention to the price, and then pay attention to quality. If you think by the above two methods is more difficult to understand, so please directly to check the price. Whether buying or recognition of office furniture, office furniture price is for the one who has a good indicators. For office furniture price is very low, everyone should be careful when buy, don't be fooled by others, and believe that they can not only obtain good things at the same time.
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