What are the Europe type sofa of the sitting room color is tie-in

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-26

ou sitting room decorate give people a feeling of atmospheric grade, so a lot of friends also tend to the European wind. But you know what luxury classic sofa of the sitting room color match? Below small make up to introduce it to everyone.

a, European sitting room decorate feature

Europe type style is a magnificent decoration, strong colors, beautiful modelling reach elegant adornment effect. European style living room with large lamp pool at the top of the xi, with luxuriant chandelier build atmosphere. Doors and Windows more than half of circular arc form, with the pattern of gesso line edge. Into the mouth turned up two more luxurious hall Roman column, the interior is true or false fireplace modelling fireplace. Metope USES wallpaper, or choose emulsioni paint, in order to foil effect of luxury. The ground material with stone or floor is preferred. European style living room furniture and soft decoration has to be used to build the overall effect. Colorful european-style Europe type cloth art sofa, leather sofa and simple but elegant is cast in the role of European in the living room. And romantic Roman shade, exquisite painting, well-made sculpture handicraft, is touched the indispensable element of Europe type style. But it is important to note that this kind of style of decoration, in the large room area, space will achieve better results.

2, luxury classic sofa sitting room color

ou choose sofa sitting room should pay attention to and the decoration environment photograph echo, if the sitting room decorate tonal darker, then you can use colorful sofa as a supplement, can break the space visual effect on the dreary. Sofa color and furniture color around the gap not too big, is a department or a better ease the transition, the space can maintain the integrity and consistency of style.

1, the black sofa is solemn and modern modelling, revealed a kind of inside collect and make public, solemn and fashionable breath. Black sofa is put in the sitting room to make people feel calm and rich connotation.

2, blood red is a kind of enthusiastic, lively and bouncing color, the ornament of gules sofa became a beautiful scenery line in the sitting room, also can reflect master enthusiasm, soft personality. The red sofa is a bold choice, in the sitting room of collocation of grey black is a good choice.

3, blue sofa gives a person the feeling of a kind of sober nobility, like jazz music has a long history, is infatuated with the blues. Blue attune conduces to build halcyon atmosphere, can let a person see blue mood stable on psychology, can let a person feel relaxed and comfortable. Above is the characteristics of small make up to introduce European sitting room decorate and sofa color collocation, it can be seen that Europe type style of the decoration color, more obvious features. Small make up recommend you can try this decorate a style. Hope the above will be helpful to you.

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