What are the classification of Europe type sofa?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-21

Europe type sofa is one of the many types of sofa, and Europe type sofa is relatively atmosphere, so use in the life is more, at the time of purchase of Europe type sofa, must first understand what are the classification of luxury classic sofa, only the correct understanding, Europe type sofa, at the time of purchase will be more convenient.

Europe type sofa is the classification of the

A, pure cloth art sofa: refers to the fabrics are all made of fabric sofa, Such as blended, cotton and linen, faux suede, etc. ) 。

B combination, leather cloth sofa: refers to the fabric sofa with cloth, leather, imitation leather.

C, leisure cloth art sofa: design is suitable for young people, the design is in line with the modern society, more advanced design, sofa color is rich, diverse styles, choose more. Suitable for style. The above explanation is what luxury classic sofa is the brand, because if the brand is different, so the quality and price of luxury classic sofa is quite different, so buy brand, first of all to the brand has a certain understanding, and then to decide whether to choose this brand, but also explained the classification of Europe type sofa is what, the classification of Europe type sofa is very much, the classification of different for different decorate a style to the living room.

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