What are the characteristics of the egg chair?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-06-24

arne in 1958. Jacobson for this Hagen royal hotel lobby and reception area egg chair is designed. The organic shapes of chair has become synonymous with the Danish furniture design all over the world. Because of its unique shape, the egg chair in a public place can make people have some private space, which is the most ideal waiting area, lounge, and use the chair in the family.

the shell of egg chair is made of glass fiber reinforced polyurethane foam plastics. Shell has an adjustable tilt, can adjust the weight of the individual user. Including steel pipe welding, satin - base Polished and injection molding aluminum four-star chair foot. Egg use cotton cloth or leather cushion, cushion up behind can quickly recover.

egg chairs shaped like an egg, it to elegant, comfortable and multifunction, is a rare style chairs. We have to praise for it.

be free and at leisure time sitting in the egg chair, can let a person feel the same feeling back to its mother's arms, the relaxation is the best medicine to eliminate fatigue.

egg chair is suitable for the office, family, coffee, chairs, etc. , as well as hotel, apartment, coffee shop, bar commonly used recreational chair.

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