What are the characteristics of Jane Europe type sofa?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-18

on the market sell all kinds of sofa also has a lot of style, most people in the choice of style to choose according to the home, so also won't appear, don't go so is Jane's home sitting room, we want to know when buying sofa Jane what are the characteristics of Europe type sofa, in addition, if is Jane luxury classic sofa in the home, we must know how to maintain it.

what are the typical features of Jane luxury classic sofa?

1, the part of the work are our sofa is made of pure manual, a test of our technical problems. The furniture of style of France and Spain as the main representative. Outline and turning part is composed of symmetrical and rich rhythm curve or surface, and decorative plating copper, concise structure, smooth lines, colors, strong sense of art, give a person's overall feeling is showily elegance, is very solemn.

2, dramatic comparison is strong, so like the wind restoring ancient ways are also can choose and buy, its design is more of the atmosphere. Europe type furniture or the pursuit of solemn grand, after gradually refers to a kind to appreciate art crystallization at the same time, to talk about art, play CARDS and chat) The emergence of.

3, of primitive simplicity, elegance is our design concept, have been all of a lot of people are like. The sofa of of primitive simplicity and elegant classic Europe type sofa, sunshine scattered on the floor, and every detail of the fusion gives a person the feeling of a kind of quality, although feel thick, but was not a bit depressed, as if a group of lithe and graceful LeDian like bells.

Jane Europe type sofa is how to maintain?

1, sofa placed on flat ground, at the bottom of the four best cushion cushions, moves to prevent damage to the floor. Wipe with a clean soft cloth before you use the dust and dirt on the surface of the sofa, if the cow leather, Leather) Make, must be in use with care agent to wipe gently before sofa surface one to two times ( Don't use waxy care) So in cow leather, Leather) The dirt from the surface to form a layer of protective film, make in the future is not easy to penetrate pores, easy to clean in the future. Should avoid to jump on the sofa table, in order to avoid local compression deformation, affect the use.

2, should be avoided with acute Angle or tool appliance contact surface, prevent scratch fabrics. Should avoid long time sunlight caused leather sofa fabric deformation and lose elasticity, in case of very sunlight, should lie between period of time to get some sofa intermodulation position to prevent color difference obvious; Should avoid to rain or expansion caused by excessive damp leather surface relaxation losing elasticity or cause leather fade, color or mildew. In case of humidity is bigger, can take advantage of the weak sun at 8 PM to 10 PM, 7 days every day 1 hour, about 3 months.

3, daily maintenance, regular use clean soft cloth rub-up fabrics sink mark or stains. Back, armrest and seat aperture can use vacuum cleaner at the junction of clutter. It is prohibited to use wet cloth, hard objects or chemicals contact fabrics such as acid, alkali, lest affect the surface quality and life cycle. Regular service: cow leather surface distribution of pores, like the human body skin care points to maintain dry wet season. Dry season once every two months, clean oil, maintain normal season can be 3-4 months at a time.

this article key to tell you what are the characteristics of the Jane luxury classic sofa, it besides beautiful, give a person a kind of different feeling, but also is very good, then we can according to the characteristics of it to select it, and at the same time, to tell you about how to maintain, Jane Europe type sofa with these maintenance skills, we don't have to worry about when I was doing maintenance will reduce the life of the sofa.

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