What are the advantages and disadvantages of the cane makes up furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-28
What are the advantages and disadvantages of the cane makes up furniture to the cane makes up furniture is pure handiwork, cane original processing procedure is quite complicated, after strict processing, has good flexibility, permeability is strong, simple sense the characteristics of the nature, feel is relaxed, comfortable and chic, become the most environmentally friendly products, is not restricted by regional and seasonal, tenacity is big, moth-proofing moistureproof, durable, with more and more beautiful, green products that occupy the home, with more and more beautiful, more with more luster!

along with the people environmental protection consciousness gradually strengthened and trend of returning to nature worship, all kinds of cany art, weaving crafts started into the ordinary people, become the new round of home decoration fashion. Here we simply know what are the advantages and disadvantages of the cane makes up furniture? Advantage a, the cane makes up furniture

1, environmental protection, practical, and the cane makes up furniture to pure handmade, no industrial pollution;

2, leisure furniture products, no matter when and where can always bring people return uncut jade to put in true feeling, lets the home is permeated with sweet and romantic rural breath;

3, have artistic feeling, smooth lines, unique technology, integrating practicability and beauty, can make the decoration art;

4, warm in winter and cool in summer, leather, cloth art furniture more season performance, fully meet the demand of you all the four seasons of furniture;

5, durable and proper care generally 20 - 30 years service life;

6, has upgraded, value and collection value, mainly reflects in: rattan is a kind of natural resources, the natural plant; Traditional handicrafts, long service life;

7, not only more with more luster, and it has very high use value;

8, the traditional process, the classical beauty, charm and contain the distant, able to bear or endure look products, never out of date;

9, the improvement of living environment, improve the quality of life, reflect master life grade, has advantages of temperament;

10, low carbon environmental protection, natural and quiet.

two shortcomings, the cane makes up furniture

1, use and store, don't make the contact and close to the fire, heat source, not in the sun long time exposure, otherwise easy to fade, become dry, loose, deformation, bending, cracking, and out of line.

2, because of the cane makes up furniture surface to hide grey place more, cleaner available when clean first suction or with a soft brush again from inside to outside dust brushed first, then with a wet cloth to wipe again, and finally with a soft cloth to wipe dry.

3, use after a period of time, cane implement wipes with weak brine, both can decontamination and can make its flexibility, durable, and must be brittle resistance, the action of insect-resistant eat by moth.

4, beige rattan furniture refurbished processing method: first, clean and dry, and then use sand paper burnish the pergola outside, make skin decontamination and restore smooth, gloss oil protection again.

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