What are the advantages and disadvantages of birch hotel furniture?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-10-30
What are the advantages and disadvantages of birch hotel furniture? The following hotel furniture manufacturer to explain for you.

we often see birch hotel furniture, furniture of birch are durable, and design also has many, many consumers also like, but each wood hotel furniture has its own advantages and disadvantages.

birch birch is divided into many kinds of different kinds of hotel furniture, one of the most famous is the red birch, black birch, paper birch, Yang Ye birch dwarf birch and birch, birch bark particularly smooth, with a white, or mixed resin, the bark of the old trunk special thick, there is also a deep ditch. Birch tree rings is more noticeable, the texture is straight and clear, the material structure is not only fine and soft luster, texture is soft, made of birch furniture smooth wear-resisting, its pattern is particularly clear.

birch hotel furniture has the advantages of the two

1, given the birch good mechanical strength, better elasticity and rings are more obvious at the same time, so use birch as raw materials making of furniture with lubrication abrasion and markings clear advantage.

2, birch has good processability, special smooth section, paint and glue is stronger, so use birch as raw materials made of birch hotel furniture paint has the advantages of smooth and flat.

the shortcoming of birch hotel furniture 'gold no pure gold, no one is perfect,' birch hotel furniture also is so, it also has its drawbacks, below small make up to the disadvantage of birch hotel furniture arrangement is as follows:

the first point: birch hotel furniture hygroscopicity particularly big, at the same time when the dull cracking of warp will happen. Given the birch hotel furniture with these shortcomings, so if my friends want to buy birch hotel furniture to decorate your home, your environment should not too boring;

the second point: the birch fibers of the shear resistance is poorer, more easily appear neat stubble breaking, so the furniture is made of birch as raw materials which do not wear, of course, its applied also is not so good, so friends when choosing birch hotel furniture, this feature should be understand. Each furniture wood is different, each have advantages and disadvantages, to find and understand the advantages and disadvantages, according to their own actual situation to choose suitable material of furniture is very necessary.

small make up through the above introduction, believe everybody to birch hotel furniture already have a certain understanding and mastery of the relevant knowledge of the

small make up recommend here in choosing a birch hotel furniture, choose a few big brands of birch hotel furniture brand, because of the big brands of birch hotel furniture is more reliable. Hope that through small make up the above introduction, will help you understand that the advantages and disadvantages of birch hotel furniture.

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