What are sofa material

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-30

sofa chair is very comfortable and is a lot of families like the furniture. The sofa material have? Small make up take you to get to know.

1, bamboo rattan sofa products

bamboo rattan sofa, can bring us a sense of natural and simple, for some rural style or the family of southeast Asia style, is more appropriate. Material is made from bamboo rattan bamboo rattan sofa chair, on our corner of the room, beautiful sex is better, will bring us a different decoration style.

2, solid wood sofa products

outdoor place need sofa chair, you may need to use solid wood sofa of this type. In places like garden and terrace, placed solid wood chair of single person sofa, we can enjoy cool air, leisure.

3, cloth art sofa products

made of cloth art sofa chair products, in our life. Cloth art sofa chair in our homes, to improve the sense of quality, bring a sense of elegance.

4, coriaceous sofa chair

a leather sofa chair is often made main body frame, solid wood leather to make decoration, give a person the feeling of relatively high grade, also has the very good sense. General leather sofa chair inside sit face and back of a chair are all made of genuine leather, artificial leather, other area is used to sit up very comfortable, permeability is very good also, can also take the adornment result that expect is less than.

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