What are modern furniture stylist?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-31

what are modern furniture stylist?

the couple that is a 20 th-century American design the most perfect couple, on the division of labor in accordance with the mustang mainly from the Angle of technology, materials and production, to consider the problem, and ray more consider to form, space, and aesthetics. Main work is: the mustang deck chair, the mustang eat chair, the mustang office chair, mustang wire chair, etc. Saarinen, these works embody the organic free form, rather than a rigid and cold geometry, referred to as the representative work of organic modernism, became the model in the history of industrial design, are still widely read and use, for Noel company and laid a solid foundation for the furniture. Main work is: womb chair, tulip chair, chair, toilet soap chair, etc. Ludwig. Smith. Van DE luo, was born in aachen, Germany, died in Chicago. He put forward the famous less is more. Quotes, and the devil in the details, circulation space design concept is also popular.

his main works are as follows: Barcelona chair, tea table, such as Barcelona bed Barcelona Barcelona series. Le. Corbusier, he of various kinds of artistic style popular at that time, the design theory are widely contact, deep thinking, the most willing to absorb their essence. Main work is: le corbusier sofa, LC1 and corbusier deck chair corbusier series. In addition to more modern furniture stylist, include: designer Florence Knoll sofa. Noel, vassili designer macel chair. Brow, grey tea table designer Irene. Greg, Y chair designer Wagner, coconut chair designer, George. Nelson and Salvador Dali, Peter Ghyczy in tver, Pierre paulin, DE, aiello aniao, Paul holm, etc.
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