What are coriaceous sofa material

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-29

is an important furniture sofa, many families want to choose leather sofa. What are the leather sofa material? Small make up take you to understand it. Common material is as follows:

1, the total green husk total green husk leather part surface through slight grinding processing, in order to smooth scars that, leaving only faint trace, but does not affect the quality of the leather. Wool stoma is fine, feel is exquisite and luster, strong luster, texture is soft and comfortable, good air permeability, is a boutique in the skin. According to the different processing technology, made into different types of leather, such as total green USES, total Chinese tallowtree seed oil skin brush color, green skin and saddle leather, etc.

2, the original green husk the original green husk select special leather embryo, general zhang are big, strong toughness, high scalability, simple sense is good, less scars. Very strict in the process of machining, the main characteristic is not grey, dyed, fewer grind leather. Because do not have too much obvious scar, so it can meet the requirements of leather are very few, so precious, is the leather.

3 and a half, green husk such skin surface almost no flaws, utilization rate is very high, stiff texture, poor permeability. Hand touch the surface of the leather, there is a obvious wax texture, coating is very thick, common sofa chooses this kind of material. Texture and feel hard, because the artificial processing is more, so feel not too many defects on the appearance, but the appearance to see more obvious artificial trace, slightly not enough natural, price moderate.

4, embossed leather embossed leather is leather products through steel flower version, all kinds of decorative pattern effect, use very extensive. Embossed leather can make many effects, such as double color, hand wipe double color, oil wax, highlights, and other effects, embossing skin deep for half green husk, production process easier, and the difficulty of processing also is not very big, so the price is low.

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