Wen xiang to identify real wood imitation wood furniture of choose and buy skills

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-06

for the general consumer hand, can not know all solid wood lumber, the emperor, furniture will remind you to remember the following:

see wooden stand the grain crop circle in nothing or arcuate alignment pinhole ( Tube hole) Whether rules, see have divided into layers of a straight line or curve between wood, if you have these lines, can judge it is man-made board ( Wood veneer cover) , because the real solid wood hua limu, flowers outside camphorwood does not beautiful grain. WenChun have their particular taste, even after long-term storage or finishing remains a smell, and there are a lot of wood will keep light flavor, such as loose without the smell of turpentine, no light incense, parker has spicy cedar, unlined upper garment of wood has a unique smell, camphorwood will have obvious camphor flavor, basswood micro oil smell, the redwood slit there will be a strong spicy aroma, walnut will light bulbs, a lot of Chinese wood has no smell, and man-made board will have a strong smell of chemical materials, such as formaldehyde, brand three firm hydrogen ammonia will be very good recognition. Knock on wood parts with handle gently knock on a crisp sound, while man-made board has a deep voice, box of wood will clunk of drums. Ok according to the weight of the wood is divided into three. Lightweight with dry paulownia wood, heavyweight pine, basswood, autumn wood, etc. , in the density of wood in the north of China is called soft miscellaneous wood ( In addition to the pine) , heavy mahogany, rosewood, rosewood, hardwood, oak wood, northeast China ash, birch and import lauan are called hard miscellaneous wood, to sum up the wood furniture than particle board, medium density fiberboard (MDF) furniture.

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