We pay attention to choose and buy of sofa bed

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-30

sofa bed of portable, affordable, a lot of young people will choose. So we pay attention to choose and buy of sofa bed? Small make up take you to get to know.

1, the comfortable size to science. When selected, don't always think about the appearance of the sofa bed and design and color, the comfort is also very important, and this is reflected in the size. The size of each part of the sofa should adapt to the curve of human physiological structure, accord with human body engineering principle, so that both sit more comfortable.

2, frame quality is better. Around before and after the whole sofa can be hard to shake shake, repeatedly, if feel good, description framework is firm. Can uncover the bottom corner of the check, if have no of deterioration, no bug eat by moth, no scar, bright and clean without bark or wood wool hard miscellaneous wood, and with the material at the connecting is not use a nail, but with mortise or carved mouth, interlocking, reoccupy adhesive fast, there would be no problem.

3, spring mattress, not too soft. Because both sofa and bed, sofa bed, therefore, it is very important for the spring mattress quality and comfort. Not more soft spring mattress is more good, feel soft hard moderate mattress can be evenly dispersed the weight of the body, strengthen the supporting capacity of the spine, relieve physical fatigue. In addition, good permeability is also cannot be ignored, this feature can make spring mattress to maintain good health.

4, functional sofa bed sit the best height between 35 to 42 cm, which is approximately equal to the height of the calf. The size of the too high or too low are detrimental to human body muscle relaxation, using easy to cause the body ache for a long time. Seat depth between 48 to 55 cm is good - that is, when the back as far as possible close leaning on the back of sofa, knee still should be present outside surface.

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