Water droplets chair: jacobson's favorite chair

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-25

compared swan chair and egg chair, chair of water droplets is reservation is not so famous, but not because of his poor design or appearance, instead the droplets chair yes jacobson's favorite a chair, also is the most eye-catching one work, and before he is also the most difficult to buy a work of art.

then someone may ask, why the droplets chair so well without the swan chair famous? This is a story, when he got out of the water droplets chair production, by the royal hotel, because this kind of chair is original design for him, so the royal hotel is conveniently signed an exclusive, want this product at this time, only through the royal hotel, but the royal hotel price is too high, so a lot of brands can only wait until contract fails to production, the water droplets chair 2013 more sell for $25000 at sotheby's auction prices.

the droplets chair after a jacobson precision calculation, design of curve of joint human body, protect the spine, lightweight slender chair leg supporting center, joint without a trace. Water droplets of imported leather chair with glass fiber reinforced plastic inside the embryo for chair, four stainless steel for the chair foot, fashion contracted, is both practical and durable, have grade is very suitable for you.

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