Warm and individualizing pebbles sofa

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-25

cobble appearance is fruity, beautiful, often spread by people on the ground and when adornment, many friends near the river grew up grew up or touch the pebbles, then someone thinking, can put the pebbles this round, beautiful and seems to have a temperature, the modelling of application in other place? Is someone do so, and designed a classic furniture: pebbles sofa ( 野口勇自由的沙发) 。

cobble sofa ( 野口勇自由的沙发) The designer is a designer: isamu noguchi. Noguchi design of pebbles sofa has all the characteristics of a pebble, round arc, beautiful modelling, unique design. These characteristics make pebbles become one of the classic furniture sofa.

cobble sofa ( 野口勇自由的沙发) Color can be according to individual be fond of undertakes collocation, can be lively, can also be high cold, prominent personality adequately.

cobble sofa ( 野口勇自由的沙发) Is particularly well adapted for use in shopping malls or office recreational area, imagine in your mind, in the mall of recreational area to put a piece of pure white pebbles sofa, already beautiful can give a person on the vision of a kind of warm feeling, the sense that gives a person is so comfortable and at ease.

Currently there is a global trend growing. People are more conscious about classic dining room furniture and are seeking alternatives to traditional solutions.
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