Want to the layout of the hotel unique? Can't miss the hotel furniture customization tips

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-24
Custom hotel furniture can be formed a unique style of a important way. Hotel furniture customization to the overall layout of the hotel are very large and style, though the custom furniture is very important but many hotel in custom always ignore the use of space and consumer habits, thus lost the original meaning of the 'custom'. So today small make up take you to get to know clearly the hotel custom furniture need to be aware of what? Hotel furniture customized tips: 1, hotel furniture customization Material in the first place to bring us used by hotel furniture custom material is introduced. Because the material is not only used by hotel furniture customization can affect the product use time, can also directly effects on the product price, make its different material make different product prices. The current commonly used to make furniture made of wood plate, solid wood and board combined with, including solid wood hotel furniture custom highest prices; Followed by plate wood combination, the most economical sheet, but made solid wood furniture is environmental protection. Custom - 2, hotel furniture Style hotel furniture customization needs to notice what you know? Is one of the more common custom style hotel furniture: the Mediterranean Sea, Chinese style style, Korean rural, european-style garden, classical european-style contracted, new classic, American and American pastoral style, etc. , due to the different style of living space of the building is not, can well meet the needs of different consumers. But it is important to note that when customization in a room the furniture style decorating need unification, because to ensure the overall coordination of the space, avoid product abrupt bad feelings giving residents. Custom - 3, hotel furniture Function not only in the process of hotel furniture custom is very strict with appearance design, also want to use a variety of reasonable space design to increase internal receive a space or add other features, make its machines and usability. In the process of hotel furniture customization, you can ask the designer needs to pay attention in the product design is practical, and can also add a bit of humanized design, can let the furniture details brought many charm. If the use of hotel furniture in the home, so might as well add some have their own characteristics in the custom elements can make the more distinctive personality. More hotel furniture customization information welcome visit guangzhou furniture co. , LTD. Web site, http://www. youlinjiaju。 com.
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