Want to take art course do hotel furniture design!

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-22
With the advent of the era of experience economy to the enterprise the influence is very big. This requires enterprises in the product design needs to stand in the consumer to redefine the sensory, emotional, thinking, etc, need to break the traditional hypothesis of 'rational consumer', in fact, when consumer before consumption, consumption, consumption after experience is the key to the enterprise brand management. Therefore, for art hotel furniture design is an important content of hotel interior design. How art hotel furniture design to make it integrating appearance beauty and body feeling beauty? At the end of the day which requires the designer's unique vision and exquisite technology. In fact now in the hotel industry are mostly high-end art hotel furniture design are tailored by the design team. Below will take you for a few group heard lying go up and then don't want the wind art hotel furniture! 1, boreal Europe style is famous for its minimalist, now has become a popular trend all over the world, but also a lot of hotel furniture design style of art. Art hotel furniture of boreal Europe style can be designed under the seemingly casual collocation, can highlight the characteristics of the hotel as natural like nature itself. In the flower, little furry also give guests a different appeal, for the customer households concise, relaxed and visual effects. Contracted design concept in combination with exquisite and delicate do manual work is the fashionable glamour of art; 2, combined with grey system of metope join let a space on the basis of the white has a style of ascension. This style of art hotel furniture design style not only embodies the taste of a hotel, also reflect a person's life attitude and a kind of state; 3, in all the time response of the era of environmental protection, if art, if the hotel furniture design USES log products that is more let a guest feel comfortable and natural, like home relaxed; 4, no matter from space, or the perfect configuration and things, all need to be able to make residents feel pursue perfection in concise design concept is a successful experience. For spatial pattern arrangement need to abandon trival, gives priority to tone with white, log color, with glass and open layout, do break line space; 5, actually people can go to the hotel's main purpose is to stay, so for a hotel 'the configuration of the bed' is key! So if in the Nordic style of modern design into the traditional Chinese style of real wood production technology, not only can have the effect of restrained and elegant. Soft mattress with good supporting force and the various parts of the body and perfect, make body and mind obtain the complete relaxation. The collocation of bed can choose different material according to the hotel's other furniture, selection of soft package color collocation.
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