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by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-25
Solid wood office furniture in spite of the price on the high side, but has many advantages. First, choose natural environment-friendly materials manufacturing, have less chemical pollution, more can ensure the using of the physical and mental health; Life is long, the service life of the solid wood office furniture to 15 years, board type furniture is five times; Contains pure natural red wood grain, brief and administrative levels sense, not easy to fall behind, is appreciation. Solid wood office furniture thick atmosphere, is the good selection of contemporary office space. A: comprehensive buy real wood furniture should not be separation seems to be a single commodity, it is a detailed the composition of each part of the fusion system, every commodity often have different role. Solid wood furniture is not belongs to consumable, in choosing should be how to don't have too much furniture, if only consider the practical requirements, shall be solid wood office furniture does not exceed 50% of the total indoor area. 2: space office space and interior decoration style of companies, corporate culture is not the same. Should combine with enterprises all interior space to consider, otherwise easy to contradictions on the furniture placement and design style. Company's office of the overall design, design style, color should be consistent, the key part of change can be done. Good solid wood office furniture should create a distinctive corporate culture connotation, reasonable arrangement of commercial space, make the economic benefits of office space to maximize profits. Three: durable solid wood office furniture cheap paint made in the market. Clerk, when buying, pay attention to furniture, if taste heavy, let a person tears, sneeze, shows that home with formaldehyde, the quality is poor. Solid wood office furniture need not too beautiful, with plain durable, furniture line must be the same, stable floor, hardware accessories. Four: thoughtful office space usually shoulds not be too luxury decoration design, solid wood furniture, should not be too, with space modest, not only convenient the workers out, walk back and forth, with adjustable space for later, prevent the long-term visual aesthetic fatigue, let all the interior space is lack of energy.
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