Want to consider what factors on hotel furniture of choose and buy

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-10-27

in this hotel hotel industry competition is fierce era, back to the customer is very important for hotel, the guest would like to once again choose one hotel, in addition to the hotel, how to make the customer feel comforfurniture.com/classic-dining-table' target='_blank'>table and happy, provided by the hotel environment is very important, such as restaurant, hotel furniture use whether to make the customer satisfied, room facilities and equipment is reasonable layout, etc. , not just no quiet and noisy environments. The hotel furniture of choose and buy should consider what factors? Below small make up some note together points for your reference:

1. Ehs: furniture material such as particieboard, fiber board, glue, paint, etc. , will release harmful gases. Hotels and hotel rooms are relatively closed, stimulate the eye nose gas will directly affect the room occupancy rate, furniture of environmental protection has become an important factor of modern hotel guests selected;

2, waterproof and moistureproof: hotel furniture in the hotel and the hotel guest room, often due to the intrusion of water and moisture damage to furniture. Tea of dumping, bathroom and sauna bath steam humidity, wet towel to contact that wash bath, season of humidity climate change, and so on, can form furniture sealing side is exposed, fall off, board face deformation swell, facing the problem such as crack, blister, mildew, so buy inn hotel furniture construction should focus on thinking the waterproof moisture-proof function; Paying special attention to choose hotel furniture sealing side is exposed, fall off, swell, veneer board face deformation cracks, mildew and so on, thus waterproof is as a reference for hotel furniture of choose and buy the most important factor.

3。 Wear-resisting durable resistance to fall: general is room supplies, such as telephone, teacup, table lamp, flower POTS, electric hot water boiler, etc. , usually are not careful when can form scratch, not corrected, will affect the useful life of the furniture. So, the raw material of furniture decided to its use of time.

4。 Fire prevention, high temperature resistant: wait a lighted cigarettes, matches to furniture surface formation damage, serious and even form the fire, furniture fire retardant function can not be ignored;

5。 The individual character of furniture and style should be with adornment personality harmony, avoid the simple decoration luxury furniture, or luxurious decoration supporting low furniture; Furniture choice, should think about the hotel and the location of the apartment, geared to the needs of customers, guest room price and investment restrictions, etc. , should be centered on the guest's affection and consumption idea.

6。 In order to ensure not affect guest because of furniture of aging and damage of occupancy, the choice of furniture, besides thinking about an investment capital should thinking with a decorative furniture repeated cumulative contribution, in the process of operation should choose don't need to repeat investment also can keep the good appearance quality, high ratio of function of commodity, together to furniture company's warranty time should also be given consideration.

7。 Save the hotel guest room furniture of the space, can use in many different places. Many products can choose folding storage way, in takes up very little space when not in use, and can be used in guest convenient when you need it. In the hotel guest room, save a space of furniture modular design is one of the key. Like a jigsaw puzzle fit closely together, make the most of the area of modular furniture, cleverly, together with the other parts of the installation. Although it may not be able to make every piece of furniture for completely perfect, so the design of the space savings, is significant.

8。 Shop around, formulate reasonable budget. Looks cheap custom furniture to must be careful, maybe you couldn't see anything wrong with on the surface, use after a period of time can realize 'one point price one point goods'.

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