Vitra furniture are briefly introduced

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-11

vitra furniture ( 维特拉家具) Company originated in Switzerland, in 1934 by the Swiss willy. Phil, Willy Fehlbaum) Founded. And in 1957 won the miller company production in Europe by the agency, and famous furniture design master Charles miller company. The mustang couple, George. Nielsen, ushering in an unprecedented period of vitra furniture, design works as the Bauhaus furniture is classic. Vitra furniture is thicker than the Bauhaus furniture business breath more, because he was born early is an enterprise, but later on, founded the museum for designers, the place that students study, research, to the influence of the later design is also very deep.

the mustang recreational chair, became the most important of the museum of modern art MOMA's permanent collection.

bent wood chair: this nest wood chair has been the United States time magazine named the best design of the 20th century.

the mustang office chair, relieve pressure, eliminate fatigue effects, is the best products for office furniture.

vitra furniture company collection of modern classic furniture

vitra design museum, is by the American master of modern deconstructive architecture: frank. Geller design. Below is the vitra furniture company collection of modern classic furniture:

Japanese modern architecture master tadao ando ( Tadao Ando) Designed a conference center, the Portuguese famous architect Alva lo & middot; West L ( Alvaro Siza) The body of the new structure was designed large workshop, surround the international the most famous female architect hardy ( Zaha M.Hadid) Design speed and the movement of the fire station. One of the most famous landmark building & ndash; — Vitra furniture museum is the modern deconstruction from American architect frank & middot; Geller, 弗兰克O. Gehl7) The design.

the white building is like jumping of abstract geometrical combination of sculpture, reflected the creation of strong passion, dynamic, full of tension. Museum interior space design penetration and contact each other, each other have the exhibition hall, book house, office, workshop, warehouse, etc. Building green lawn in front of the square stands the famous sculptor oden fort ( 克拉斯奥尔登堡) Creation tool called balanced & throughout; ( 平衡工具) Abstract sculpture, Consists of the hammer, pliers, screwdriver) , further with the dragon dot eyeball to highlight the cultural connotation of vitra furniture. The whole new vitra campus become a master of contemporary architecture design exposition. Vitra as the world's architecture, furniture professional famous shrine, vitra furniture company has become the world's most famous furniture brand design cultural value.

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