Villa vertical with basic requirements and size of the table

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-10

vertical villa is essential for people to work and live with auxiliary furniture. Such as dining table, reading a book to write on the secretary, students desks, drafting table, etc. ; Otherwise stand for activities and set up the sales counter, cashier counter, platform and a variety of work station, etc. This type of house has the basic function is for people to sit and stand in a state of all kinds of activities to provide the corresponding support conditions, and be placed or storage of goods, so this kind of furniture and the scale of the human action is a direct relationship.

vertical with the table ( A) 's basic requirements and scale

vertical refers to the sales counter with villa, the business counter, podium, reception, and various kinds of workbench, as shown in figure 3 - 37. Standing with using stage table height according to the human body's standing posture and bends arm natural lop cubits high. According to our country the average height of the human body, to stand with stage table height is 910 mm to 965 mm. If need to work hard of work station, the desktop can slightly reduce 20 mm to 50 mm, some even lower.

villa vertical desktop size is mainly composed of action with the required size and placed on the surface of objects surface condition and interior space and decorate a form, no unified regulation, depending on the different use function as designed. Vertical table with the below the knee does not need to set aside the space, so the bottom of the tables usually can be used as a storage tank but vertical tables at the bottom of the feet need to set up the space, to facilitate the movement of the human body close to the tables. This let enough space is concave, height is 80 mm, 50 mm in depth 100mm。

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