Villa the pitfalls of wood of choose and buy what?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-09

there are all sorts of the kinds of door, security door, aluminium alloy door, glass door, wooden door, etc. , including indoor use morer should or wooden door, but a lot of people understanding of wooden door is not deep, so lead to very gullible, small make up today is to introduce the wooden door of choose and buy time six mistakes the stability of the real wood door is not strong, are more likely than other kinds of door to door deformation, tenon it fission and the phenomenon such as surface cracking. Environmental protection performance is good, in fact, the performance of solid wood composite door is no worse than the real wood door, and even the stability will be better than the real wood door.

1, shop around, choose cheap

wooden door is different with other goods, consumers can only see the surface of the door, its are immanent quality is impossible to judge. Even experts, just by looking at them, sometimes it is very difficult to judge, the wooden door inner appearance suggested consumers not only figure on the cheap price, and ignore the quality of products. Door of environmental performance is critical, the consumer rather than buy cheap solid wood composite door, might as well choose your wenqi door, such environmental performance more secure.

2, think real wood door absolutely environmental protection

actually, real wood door of the environmental protection is relative. Real wood door with pure natural materials, relative to the need to add all kinds of chemicals and materials processing, is environmentally friendly.

but speaking from the general environment, the wood is used in the real wood door from cutting down trees, wood and man-made board used quantity is relatively small, and high utilization, high production efficiency, now most of the plank furniture all conform to the provisions of the state environmental protection index, some harmful material release quantity is far lower than the national standard, even so the environmental protection sex with real wood door is relative, not absolute environmental protection.

3, the heavier the more real wood door

single unable to determine the product from the weight within. Sometimes than the weight of the particle board of real wood plank, although the use of raw materials to make plane board is broken wood broken material, but a lot of adhesive in the process of production, adhesive curing after quite a part of the proportion of the plate, its weight is not light. 'In addition, because the door leaf size, thickness and packing different door core, also is the cause of wooden door weight different. Therefore, than the weight is not the most reasonable judgment.

4, pure real wood is one of the best

the popularity of pure real wood door is mainly catered to people to return to natural, healthy environmental protection. But the main drawback is the change of moisture content makes it changeful form, need to be careful. Air conditioning strong direct sunlight, frequent switch between different room humidity change is too big, the real wood door is influential. There are pure real wood prices are relatively high, if not love, don't have to.

5, focus on the door leaf, don't care about the door

6, thought that price tag is the final price

many consumers to see label price, that is the price of the door. Actually part of the price of high-grade wooden door includes three parts: price of doors, door frames and wooden line price.

doors according to square meter valuation; Frame contains both before and after the two sides to the perimeter calculation; Wooden line is a combination of packages around the door frame and wall part of valuation by the metre. In addition, the price of door of completely real wood and solid wood composite door do not contain hardware locks. Usually special complex real wood contains three parts price, only takes on the original price plus lock price to consumers.

7, through the door leave hole judgment door core material

part of the 'smart' consumer observed that the door lock is the installation of wooden door, 'why don't you through the door leave hole to characterize the core material for wood door? The manufacture process of wooden door on the market at present, in order to make the lock more solid after installation, all can enhance the strength of the door lock hole areas, mostly adopts lined with the practice of integrated timber, as a result, through the door leave hole site investigation wooden door core material is not very realistic.

in general, compared to other large area to decorate interior materials, accounts for only a small part of the interior door, its free formaldehyde releasing is also only a small part in the family, therefore, as long as it is free formaldehyde release a quantity to meet the requirement of a country compulsive standard indoor door, consumers can rest assured choice.

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