Villa partition door selection and maintenance of the kitchen?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-10

in order to make the space appears more of a house and stereoscopic and more functional, people usually use some partition in decorating a house. If it is a rectangular house, people will go to buy some design and the partition of the hall. Unassuming partition board, mounted on can turn an ordinary space planning into different function areas. The kitchen, is also a need to partition. Partition of the kitchen door for the partition have played a role in beautification of the bedroom, the kitchen at the same time partition door can effectively block the lampblack of the kitchen, to ensure that the environment of the sitting room is more pure and fresh. So the kitchen partition door how to choose? The kitchen partition door maintenance?

a villa, how to choose the partition of the kitchen door

1, the kitchen is a place for food but also a land of lampblack, kitchen lampblack not only big and is, more water, so we in the partition of the kitchen door choice, should not only pay attention to the environment is suitable. But also to choose push-pull or mobile, all these details will be when we were in decorating a note. There is a partition is a lot of people are easy to overlook is the kitchen door also pay attention to the coordination of the whole decoration, with the sitting room decorate a style to match.

2, looking for kitchen partition door, can also go on partition of the kitchen door to see in the net, because in some online about the comprehensive partition door. Partition door from the point of use, hanging round orbit, better and more beautiful. Upper and lower orbit sliding doors, but only the next track mobile, on track is only a limit - — Up and down can't output at the same time. In addition, under the partition door shelter evil people and practices easily, not easy to clean.

3, the partition of the kitchen door if trampled or other causes of injury, is affects the understanding of the mobile door move freely. Track use durability, there is no better solution, this is a bad question - - If it is bad, under normal circumstances are the problems of partition door wheels, is likely to damage. So, choose to use these wheels is wise.

4, partition door if trampled or other causes of injury, will affect the understanding of the mobile door move freely. About the durability, no better, this is a bad question - — If it is bad, are generally partition door wheels, is likely to damage. So, choose to use these wheels is wise. With the kitchen door it is not difficult to find.

5 partition door, kitchen is indispensable to most families, it is the important bridge connecting the kitchen and sitting room or restaurant. There is no installation partition door in the kitchen, however, it will bring to people's life. Kitchen partition door of choose and buy should pay attention to, also is not to say what the door can do partition door in the kitchen.

6, the kitchen is the place that most lampblack, lampblack and water vapor is more, not only at the time of selected partition door, is not only depends on push-pull convenience or mobile convenience, also want to see if I can make it stop frying.

2, kitchen maintenance method of partition door

1, stains on the surface, using a soft facial brush try with hard cloth is easy to scratch the surface, avoid by all means can't direct contact with the partition door solid wood with clear water.

2, the second edges can't have too much friction, the friction, because the edges and corners of grinding easily, can make the paint off.

3 partition door, solid wood has a characteristic, if the difference is very big if the environment temperature and humidity, seams there may be slight cracking, don't panic, as the change of season, this kind of phenomenon will disappear naturally.

4, kitchen partition door bottom rail dust easily, so from time to time to use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust deposition on the rail. Square meters of toilet or irregular storeroom, as long as the replacement of sliding door, small space is not wasted. Fold the sliding door can even 100% open, do not take up space. From the point of view to use sliding door certainly made great room space segmentation and use. Its reasonable slide design conforms to the order and rhythm of modern life. With flooding of cloth to wipe clean edges, and then with a dry cloth.

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