Villa in cane to make furniture of choose and buy and maintenance matters needing attention

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-10

cane to make furniture with warm in winter and cool in summer, good permeability and feel is exquisite and smooth, and the role of natural cane and nerves on gas and so on and is loved by the masses of users. Especially in some private villa or club put a cane to make furniture, let whole space to send out the breath of pure and fresh quietly elegant, full of human feelings, don't have a taste, here believe that many friends already, so villa is to purchase and maintain cane to make furniture from time to tome what it is worth noting that the place?

villa in cane to make furniture of choose and buy

1. Avoid direct sunlight, the cane pledges furniture put best to avoid direct sunlight, in order to prevent the cany makings fades, desiccate. Also put the cane pledges furniture should try to avoid close to the fire, heat source, so that we can avoid the deformation of cany qualitative furniture, bending, cracking.

2。 With weak brine to wipe, with weak brine can decontamination, can enhance the flexibility of the cane pledges furniture again, be sure to have the effect of the brittle resistance, insect. If you want to thoroughly clean, can use a vacuum cleaner to suck it again, or use the software towel from inside to outside to dust, with a slightly damp cloth to clean, with a soft cloth wipe up finally can.

3。 Maintenance to perserve, spring, autumn, winter season of air humidity is relatively small, indoor dry, the maintenance of cany qualitative furniture is relatively easy. And there's much water in the summer air, indoor easy to tide, strong sunshine and easy made cane dry, in the case of the repeated need more care.

villa cane to make furniture maintenance are

1. Had better choose well-known brands of cany qualitative furniture, due to the particularity of cany qualitative material and craft, some professional cany qualitative furniture factory all choose the imported materials for processing with better quality, quality is assured.

2。 Cane implement in addition to the manual weaving skills to master, the mainest is examining whether cane implement material is fine. If cany material surface wrinkle, the useful optimal tender rattan furniture and poor toughness, easy to break and corrosion.

3。 Can be grasped rattan furniture edge, gently shake the feeling whether solid framework. With the palm in the furniture surface brushed try again, have to smooth.

4。 The furniture surface luster is even, whether to have spots, different color and the trace of eat by moth.

in addition, the summer is a good season to use cane system furniture, are highly beneficial for summer and improve sleep quality. And through cooking, drying, made after the bleaching process such as colour, disinfection sterilization processing greatly improve its performance, makes the rattan furniture is more durable. On the same day, the weather is cold, temperature is lower in some areas suggest to do some shop in the above sea pads, to block out the chill of erosion to the human body.

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